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* A Cut with a Colour is priced lower than a Cut and Blow-dry, select the 'Cut & Blowdry AFTER Colour Option'

* 'Highlights over the Top' is a highlighting service covering all hair from ear to ear down to just under the crown

* A Restyle is a change in hair design, e.g. from medium length hair to a bob


Salon Services Explained

Treatments + Style

Services: Going Out Blowdry
Keratin Smoothing Treatment
Hair Botox Deep Treatment Healthy Shine Gloss Hair Curling Service Hair Sparkles 4 Step Recovery Treatment Calming Scalp Treatment Going Out Blow-dry A cleansing, wash and scalp massage, followed by a professional blow-dry styled how you like it - available with the use of instant infra-red pod rollers to create killer waves

Keratin Smoothing Treatment
The Keratin Smoothing Treatment is slightly acidic, like our hair and nails. A permanent frizz taming solution. The perfect treatment for smoothing unruly and frizzy hair resulting in extremely manageable hair. To be repeated every 4-5 months.

Hair Botox Deep Treatment
This is a hair treatment designed to help eliminate frizz, as it smooths and “turns back the time” on your hair clock. A great option if you’re keen to avoid using too many harsh chemicals on your hair, it’s a intense conditioning protein treatment that helps to restore and reconstruct your hair, using key ingredients such as proteins, amino acids, vitamins, and lipids. The anti-ageing hair treatment acts like filler (hence the name), by filling in any gaps in the hair fibres, leaving it silky, shiny, and more youthful-lookingIf your hair is dehydrated, you have naturally curly hair, colour your hair often, suffer from frizziness, or live in a humid climate, getting a hair botox treatment can be a lifesaver for you. Hair botox treatments will offer semi-permanent results that typically last anywhere from 2-4 months, based on how much your hair grows and how often you wash your hair. To be repeated no less than every 3 months. Hair Curling Service With the use of hot tools we can create curls or waves, using our favourite styling products for longevity. 4 Step Recovery Treatment The infamous 4 step treatment for instant hair hydration, and to restore the acidic ph to damaged hair.
Tried and tested – the only treatment we believe actually makes a difference.
NB. There are no treatments that can permanently fix extremely damaged hair – only the scissor kind Hair Sparkles Ten thin metallic foils available in an array of colours, create a glamorous sparkle that will turn heads – attached by a bond to the hair for longevity. Can be used with hairdryers and all hot tools. Last up to 10 weeks. Calming Scalp Treatment Using all natural ingredients; a cleansing scalp exfoliation treatment is carried out, followed by a light calming elixir oil. Aids scalp irritation by various causes such as stress / anxiety / medication. Heathy Shine Gloss Our glosses are a great solution ‘in between’ colour appointments to brighten your colour and add heaps of shine. Your hair is cleansed and conditioned, followed by the gloss - which develops in just 20 minutes. The blow-dry then reveals and completes the finished result.

Colour + Blonding

All colour services include a conditioning mask and blow-dry Services: Full Head Tonal Colour Full Head Balayage | Highlights Full Head Colour in Multiple Shades Highlights Over the Top Colour Shots Colour Correction Supplement
Colour Melt Toning
Gloss Toner
Quick Toner
Colour in Between What is Balayage? Balayage is a technique used to create dimension in the hair. Instead of weaving highlights and applying lightener to the root, balayage is a paint-on hair technique used to blend and create a seamless effect – eradicating any harsh regrowth lines. Highlights Over the Top​ Unlike a full head, this service creates dimensional highlighting throughout the top of the head, in addition to a few highlights strategically placed at the base/nap of the neck for those regularly wearing their hair-up. Colour Shots​ Strategically placed bold highlights to create a dimensional effect in the hair. Either blonde or colour. ..Think soft blonde accents, or fiery red flashes. Colour Melt Toning

Colour Melt Toning is a technique that requires using more than one toning shade to create a blended seamless result from roots to ends. Usually slightly deeper at the root, to a more brighter shade through the ends of the hair

Quick Toner
Although being known for its high maintenance; being blonde allows you to experiment with different blonde tones. From ash, silver or gold; to soft pink, peach or pearl. Results last between 3-5 weeks depending on hair type and washing routine.

Gloss Toner
An ultra conditioning toner, that adds heaps of shine to the hair, as well as toning the hair to the right shade of blonde that you require. Results last between 4-6 weeks depending on hair type and washing routine.

Colour in Between

A lowlight or shadow-light in between another colouring or blonding service, to create dimension or to match a client’s natural hair colour


Services: Cut | Blowdry | Finish | Blowdry | Finish Interim Trim | Dry Cut < 1inch
Extra Styling | Add On's Mens Cut Interim Trim / Dry Cut​ ..a trim in a hurry. Removing an inch or less – to keep the hair ‘split-end’ free in between services.

Cut vs Nù Style

A Nu style is a change in hair design, usually going from long to short. A cut is a trim or redefining of an existing hair design


Services: Wash | Cut | Blowdry Interim Trim | Dry Cut (Scissor Cut) Clipper Cut Hair Sparkles


Services: Full Head Tape Fittings Rotation (4-8 weeks) Half Head Tape Fittings Rotation (4-8 weeks) Recycling Used Hair to Tape Ext Excludes Cost of Hair; Nano Ring Extensions also available We believe tape extensions to be the least damaging method, as well as the easiest to maintain. They are versatile in creating dimensional colour and are efficiently fitted into the hair. The extensions can easily be removed and re-fitted. Hair longevity depends on client maintenance and quality of the hair. Come in for a free consultation to discuss your thoughts and ideas, as well as a hair assessment.